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We propose total plastic engineering services through our Asian network.

Our company was established in 1960 by Mr. Norishige Natake, present honorary chairman of the company, aiming to manufacture and supply engineering plastic parts for the electronics and automotive industries in the year 1972, we began manufacturing molds, since molds are the most important key for the plastic part’s quality.

We have been introducing the latest technology like NC machine tools and 3D CAD-CAM computers, faster than other companies in the field. Our commitment to seeking and implementing the newest technology has never been changed, and will never be changed.

We founded Thai Nissin Mold Co., Ltd., in 1996 to help the Thai mold industr's development and supply high-quality mold & molding parts mainly for the Japanese customers in Thailand. Throughout the Asian currency crisis, Thai Nissin Mold has become one of the best mold suppliers in the country. The company owns hi-precision machines such as the Yasuda Jig-borer and the Fanuc electric injection machine and the Sodick hi-brid injection machine to manufacture high-quality and high-precision molds and plastic parts. The company also equipped double color injection machines, printing machines, painting booths, laser markers for the finishing processes to enhance customer convenience.

We offer and supply a total engineering and one-stop service in the electronics and automotive and related industries to satisfy our customer requirement through our collaboration with Thai Nissin Mold.

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